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Can we all agree that in this day and age a business cannot grow without a proper digital foothold? If so, do we agree that even a good digital product is worthless without genuine visibility and a good (if not awesome) awareness strategy?

At Cipher, great products are entwined with outstanding strategies because the former cannot show its full value without the latter.
We provide custom, scalable digital solutions that fit perfectly to your corporate image. Our services include:

1.Web Development
2.E-Commerce Development
3.Mobile App Development
4.Digital Marketing

We are a young, agile and cohesive team and we think that imagination, hard work and commitment always yield results. Given the fact we have worked for companies from various industries – from healthcare, sports management, legal, retail to IT distribution, we understand individual business needs as per the demographic and psychographic aspects to provide innovative services. Regardless of their influence, market share or line of business, we cherish our clients and approach every task fiercely, with enthusiasm and with passion.

Software products.

Our team covers all areas related to the design and development of tailor-made information systems – from a plain idea to production and maintenance.

We develop fast, user-friendly and modern sites, e-commerce solutions, web and mobile apps that can help your business grow. We follow agile principles to ensure quality work is delivered in the promised time and we are accustomed to realistic, clear deadlines and processes that clients can follow. Moreover, we are aware that even the best software is useless without a clear, user-friendly design, meaning that we strive to keep our products easy to use but aesthetically appealing as well. Cipher believes in transparency - we keep our clients informed on every step of development and we constantly give information and guidelines related to products we developed. Also, since we firmly rely on word of mouth, we never let our clients down, so after the business is done, we are there to help, train and guide

We learn constantly, meaning we do not dwell on stale technologies just for the sake of finishing projects easily – we adopt all applicable novelties launched by tech giants and use them on the regular basis. Whether a small landing page or a robust app, we will produce it in accordance with all contemporary standards. And yes, we contribute to the open-source community thereby helping our peers and others who share the same passion and goals as we do.

Digital marketing.

Even today, some people still spend substantial amounts of money on billboards, newspaper ads, fliers and other obsolete means of marketing. At Cipher, we know that modern channels of communication are more efficient and engage the audience in a more affordable and organic way.

First of all, we offer services in the domain of community management, social media advertising and social media campaigns. Cipher can always face rigorous key performance indicators such as organic reach or engagement rate. Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that ranking is a backbone of every company’s digital mark, hence we can increase the organic rank of your website on the major search engines (especially Google) through Search Engine Marketing & Optimization. While SEO can take 3 to 6 months to deliver results, Google ads can drive targeted traffic to your site immediately by showing your paid ad at the top of search results. If you have ever had any doubts related to Google campaigns, here’s an interesting fact: the typical return for most businesses using Google ads is 2.55 EUR in revenue for each 1.36 EUR spent on ads. Pretty good ratio, don’t you think? Whether you want to reach a local, regional, national or global audience of Google search users, we will prepare a campaign that delivers the traffic and results you want, in just a few days.

Also, our marketing services include all components of a strong digital presence: influencer engagement, blogging, design, animations and video production.

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Our entire team is located in lovely Belgrade, a city of ancient history and culture, which boasts the most vibrant tech & creative community in the Eastern Europe. Try our talents, communication skills and efficiency and allow us to enable your global reach and to surpass your most optimistic expectations.

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